About noya

Where traditional

meets contemporary

Inspired from the traditional Khadi Ambar textile and the rustic vogues of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, NOYA evolved as a handcrafted designer wear and home decor range across INDIA. Today, it is home to a wide-range of contemporary designs which renders its clients speechless and in awe by their contemporary design, matchless quality and expressive colours.

A Journey Called Noya

From time to time we have explored the very fabrics of fashion, gone to its depths and resurfaced with priceless gems that has redefined fashion. Noya is a brainchild of years of appropriate research and voluntary ventures into the lives’, techniques and districts of the rural motherland of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The design language derived from these journeys presented a refreshing take; a marriage of traditional folk composition with contemporary elements of today.

In 2001, the Khadi clusters of India needed an uplift which could align the rural weavers to the modern market. A tweak to the conventional Khadi Ambar spinning methods by the artisans gave a superior quality of the fabric. This marked the beginning of Noya.

Today, Noya has 25-30 spinners in Gujarat alone and 6-8 weaver families in Madhya Pradesh who put unmatched dedication, creativity and techniques to bring out the best to the world of fashion.

NOYA is also home to corporate interior designing and furnishings where we believe in transforming your life spaces into a marvelous abode that inspires envy and admiration of visitors.

From Cultivation To Culture

The evolution of a creation from the field to yarn bobs to a fabric at Noya’s is beyond mesmerizing. Using a wide range of Khadi-wool, Khadi-cotton, and Khadi-silk the studio has designed an innumerable range of stoles, shawls, sarees, scarves, and yardages that beautify the buyers in the market. There are innumerable other fabrics which we use to craft a wide range of beautiful designer wears at NOYA.

Countless hours are spent each day, working on smaller details, refining the vividness of colours, employing painstaking techniques by the weavers so that we can bring to the most desirable, finished product – the one that can inspire envy out of many eyes. Contemporary implementation of traditional crafts make Noya distinctly unique.