Designer Silk Dresses for Indian Weddings

25th Sep 2018
Designer Silk Dresses for Indian WeddingsEvery marriage season sees women go back to their wardrobes and bring out their silk saris. This is because silk is not usually worn on a daily basis. But what this leads to is that those same sets of silk saris get repeated over and over again at weddings. In order to bring a dash of variety to your wedding ensembles (in this age of instant social media posts, when every dress would be analyzed to death) you might want to think a little out of the box. It isn’t necessary that you wear a silk sari. There are several options now available in silk. Let us look at a few designer silk dresses that you can flaunt at weddings.

Silk Lehenga

This dress is so simple yet looks so enticing if the correct colors are chosen and the blouse is of the right cut and fit. Women usually choose the blouse in a color that is a few shades lighter than the darker colors of the lehenga. But in a wedding, women usually prefer multi-hued lehengas. Even if you go for a flared lehenga, it is much easier to handle than a silk sari or a different silk layered dress.

Bhagalpuri Suit

A layered suit is a great choice of a silk garment to wear for a marriage. It gives the best combination of a contemporary look using a traditional fabric. The Bhagalpuri suit starts with a top similar to silk kurta designs with a Chinese styled collar, and it ends with a flared lehenga. You can add on embroidery work or brocade lace at all the borders, and golden zari work on the body with beautiful floral or geometric designs.

Digital Print Lehenga Choli

You can use this costume to bring in an awesome combo of western cuts with Indian sensibilities. Your costume will fit in well at the wedding because of the floral prints in the lower part. But the top would provide a smart and compact silhouette making for an irresistible combination. The top has a nice touch as it ends below the waist with one side more accentuated than the other, leading to an asymmetric look. You could customize this dress with some more colors, fabrics and cuts from a good khaadi online store.